Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off

April 22-24 and April 24-26, 2015

Like a thru hiker, time marches on...

ADZPCTKO 2015 happening now!

Update 4/21/2015: Registration for camp space at Lake Morena County Park is now closed. You missed it? Here are your options:

  • You can register as a day visitor onsite Wednesday through Saturday.
  • If you are a 2015 PCT thru hiker who arrives on foot or in someone else's car, we'll find a camp space for you. Register onsite.
  • If you're not a 2015 PCT thru hiker and you need overnight accommodations, you'll have to make your own arrangements outside the park. Here are some nearby options.

Note that the schedule of events has been updated.

Getting to Lake Morena

  • If you need a ride to kick off or you can give a ride, check the Ride Board.
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Registration schedule:

  • March 4: Registration opens for 2015 thru hikers only. Registration will remain open until we're full; last year, that took 17 days.
  • March 10: Registration opens for those who want a cabin.
  • March 15: Registration opens for past thru hikers.
  • March 20: Registration opens for future thru hikers and other interested folks. It'll remain open until we're full, but that might be only a day or two.
  • March 25: Registration opens for day visitors. If you weren't able to snag a campsite, you're welcome to come out for the day.
  • March 28: Registration closes for campsites and cabins.
  • April 17: Registration closes for day visitors. Day visitors can register onsite.



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New for 2015

There's something new for 2015: two ADZPCTKOs! The dates are:

  • Wednesday afternoon, April 22, through Friday morning, April 24, 2015
  • Friday afternoon, April 24, through Sunday morning, April 26, 2015

You can attend either session, but not both. All the important events and seminars will be presented at both sessions.

With two sessions, we hope to spread things out a bit, making it less crowded on the trail, and less crowded at Lake Morena.

Did we say seminars? We've got all the traditional favorites, plus new ones including "Mindfulness on the Trail" and "Winter on the Trail," the latter one presented by someone who knows that topic better than anyone--Shawn Forry (better known as Pepper), who along with Trauma just completed the first-ever winter thru hike on the PCT.

Also new this year: at each session we'll be conducting a raffle with lots of cool prizes, including packs, shelters, and more.

Alas, it is no longer free for thru hikers to attend the Kick Off. There are several reasons for this change:

  • The fee, $10, is a nominal amount, and is much less than our cost per hiker. 
  • The $10 fee is the same amount Lake Morena would charge thrus to stay for two nights; however, at the Kick Off, the fee includes presentations, vendor displays, some meals, and lots of camaraderie. 
  • We are doing our part to decrease the sense of entitlement that has been steadily increasing over the years. By paying a nominal fee, thru hikers make a contribution not only to the event but to the community that helps support them on their journey.
  • Charging a nominal fee also decreases the number of no-show thru hikers, which can be as high as 25% in some years.  

We hope you will agree that is a positive change that will ripple out into the greater PCT community.   

RIP Strider

Greg Hummel
Photo: Monte Dodge

ADZPCTKO co-founder, president and wagonmaster, and giant of the PCT community Greg "Strider" Hummel passed away December 31, 2014, succumbing to ALS. ADZPCTKO will go on without him--but it sure isn't going to be the same. Rest in peace, friend.

Check out the ADZPCTKO online store

Did you pick up a T-shirt at KO? No? Well it's not too late...because we just opened our online store! You'll not only find our latest T-shirt, featuring words of wisdom from PCT legend Billy Goat, but also T-shirts from previous years, in men's and women's styles. Oh yeah: insulated travel mugs and travel wallets too. Remember our motto: All shirts guaranteed to be as wrinkled as shown in the photos.

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Each year the ADZPCTKO organization reserves the entire park, so you can't book a campsite through the park reservation system. Instead, you make your reservation on this site when registration opens in March. All campsites are shared; we fill each site to the maximum capacity allowed by the park (8 campers). When you make a reservation, it's not for a "campsite"; rather, you're reserving one of the eight spaces in a campsite.

In 2014, registration for different groups of people began on different days, starting with 2014 thru hikers on March 3, and ending on March 20 after everyone had a shot at registration.Check the registration page for details. Check back here periodically for more details, or follow us on Twitter (@adzpctko).

Did someone say "bandana"?

2015 PCT BandanaLearn all about the tradition started by 2002 thru hikers Gottago, Yogi, and Cupcake, and learn how you can get a bandana too!

Who should attend ADZPCTKO?

Our focus has always been on Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers, and the events at Kick Off are designed primarily for these intrepid hikers. If you:

  • Are attempting to thru-hike the PCT in 2015, you can get needed permits and we offer seminars, up-to-date information on trail conditions, last-minute equipment checks, an opportunity to get to know your fellow hikers, and plenty of inspiration and guidance from those who've gone before.
  • Are planning a thru-hike attempt in the next few years, you can see (and buy) state of the art equipment from vendors who specialize in ultralight gear for long-distance hikes, learn more about the trail experience and the beautiful country that the PCT traverses, and join the trail community.
  • Have completed a substantial portion of a thru hike, you can reconnect with others you hiked with, and share your pictures, your knowledge, your joys, and your harrowing experiences with a new generation of hikers.

If you're not in one of these categories, ADZPCTKO is probably not for you. Although we'd love to throw it open to anyone and everyone who has a passing interest in the PCT, we no longer have the space to do that. Come on back when you're ready for your thru hike!


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