Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off

Since 1999


Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) offers an educational, low-key gathering to aspiring PCT thru-hikers. We are a registered 501c3 charitable (educational) organization.


 Carl Siechert
Carl "Kelty" Siechert

Jenn Von Bork
Jenn "Jackalope" Von Bork

Chuck Kudija
Chuck "Igor" Kudija

Ryan "ProDeal" Christensen

Junaid Dawud
Junaid "Speshul 41" Dawud

Terry Thompson
Terry "Pinhead" Thompson

Katy Warner
Katy "Go Slow Go Far" Warner


Pictures and updates to come...

  • Jeff "Rogue" Bohannon 
  • "Meadow Ed" (aka "Manyon") Faubert
  • "Chef Paul" Fitzner
  • Judith "Two Legs" Gustafson
  • Michael "Coach K" Hawley
  • Andrea "Just Sit" Henninger
  • Judith Humbert
  • Garret "Special Agent" Keeler
  • Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
  • Chuck "Igor" Kudija
  • Heather Mitchell McLean
  • Brenda Murray
  • Ken Murray
  • Mike "Justcheckin" Reynolds
  • Alison "Laces" Scheiderer
  • Ellen Shopes
  • Jan Siechert
  • "Warner Springs Monty" Tam
  • Alice "Stone Dancer" Tulloch
  • Carol Wicker
  • Scott "Shroomer" Williams


We couldn't have made it this long without these guys...

Tom Reynolds
Tom Reynolds
Bob Riess
Bob Riess
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones
Sam Merten
Sam Merten
Greg Hummel
Greg "Strider" Hummel, Co-Founder
Bill Jeffrey 1958-2012
Bill "AsABat" Jeffrey
Paul Freiman
Paul "Captain Bivy" Freiman


There's been some confusion about who's behind ADZPCTKO. Aside from our shared love of the Pacific Crest Trail and those who aspire to hike it, ADZPCTKO has no connection with other organizations, including the Pacific Crest Trail Association and ALDHA-West. ADZPCTKO cofounder Tom Reynolds explains all:

The ADZ is not about the trail. That is the job of the PCTA and they do it well. When Greg, and others, talk about giving something back to the trail they are not talking about the rivers, the mountains, or the dust. They, who have received kindness from unnamed Trail Angels, become Trail Angels themselves by giving back to the current thruhiker. That's what the ADZ is all about. Trail Angels all, be they past thruhikers, section hikers, or not hikers at all; be they human or Spirit; they try to make it easier for a human being to fulfill his or her goal.

The ADZ is not about honoring the thruhiker who attains his or her goal. That is the job of ALDHA-West and they do it well. The ADZ is about honoring those who strive to attain their goal. ADZ occurs at the beginning of the journey, not the end. It honors those who resign from the normal world and enter the zone of the long distance hiker; a zone of challenge and simplicity; of camaraderie and solitude; of effort, failure, and reward. We are there with them on the long dry march to Scissors Crossing, over the daunting cornices of the high Sierra and the long green tunnel. We are there when they attain their goal but we are also there when their feet are covered with blisters. We are there to encourage, to help you attain your goal, but mostly to honor you because you tried.

It's all about kindness. That is the ADZ, kindness. Humans being kind to other humans. Nothing more and nothing less.