Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off

Since 1999

Cabins at Lake Morena

The cabins at Lake Morena provide an alternative to camping in the campground: warm, dry, and quiet! The cabins are located about 1/2 mile from the main campground, and they offer lake views--at least they did back when there was water in the lake. It's an easy walk for most folks between the cabins and campground. Each heated one-room cabin can accommodate up to five people*, and they're ideal for couples, families, and hiker trash.

 Details about cabin rental during ADZPCTKO:

  • Each cabin has three sleeping platforms: one double and two singles. Note: These are hard wooden platforms. You need to bring your own sleeping pad and bedding.
  • The modern shared bathroom is across the street from the cabins.
  • You get only one key with a cabin rental, so you'll need to share it with your mates.
  • Cabin rental includes parking at the cabins and a single parking space by the registration tent for use during the day.
  • The cabin rental/registration fee of $175 ($200 after March 17) includes ADZPCTKO registration for each of the people in your cabin, up to five. (Of course, additional donations to cover current year thru hikers and to defray costs of the event are always welcome!)

Interested in reserving a cabin? Click here to register.

* Realistically, they're comfortable for 2-3 people. If you try to squeeze five people in a cabin, you better be very small and/or very good friends.