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All shirts guaranteed to be as wrinkled as shown in the photos.

2015: Teal shirt with Strider's words of strength

No regrets! No fears! No worries! No tears!
--Greg "Strider" Hummel
ADZPCTKO Founder and Wagonmaster
2015 back  2015 women's scoop neck
Greg HummelADZPCTKO co-founder, president and wagonmaster, and giant of the PCT community Greg "Strider" Hummel passed away December 31, 2014, succumbing to ALS. During his lengthy battle, he signed his emails with the words that now emblazon this shirt.
$15 Available soon  

2014: Red shirt with Billy Goat quote

"It doesn't matter where I am on the trail. It's all my home" ~Billy Goat
2014 front 2014 back 2014 scoop neck
$20 Now only $15
Women's scoop neck

2013: Green shirt with AsABat's catchphrase, "Whatever"

2013 back  2013 women's V-neck
Bill "AsABat" JeffreyAsABat (called Bill Jeffrey by some) was a founding board member of ADZPCTKO, but was best known in the trail community as the creator of the famous PCT Water Report, which he maintained as a website and presented in person at ADZPCTKO. In 2012, AsABat passed away while hiking the PCT in Oregon.
Women's V-neck

2012: Blue shirt with "Solvitur ambulando"

2012 Front 2012 back Women's scoop neck $15   Women's scoop neck

2011: Brown shirt with "I hike because..."

"I hike because the voices in my head tell me to" ADZPCTKO (2011)

2009: Sage polyester shirt with desert

2009 polyester T-shirt2009 tag 100% polyester shirt wicks moisture and dries fast. Its anti-microbial properties inhibit bacteria, and it offers SPF30 sun protection. Click the tag picture for more details. $15

But That's Not All!

ADZPCTKO travel mug

Travel mug Stainless steel insulated travel mug $12

ADZPCTKO neck wallet

Neck walletNeck wallet Under the Velcro closure of this nylon badge/ID holder are two pockets, including one that is zippered. Pockets on the back hold cards and pens. And it has a neck strap. Weighing only 1 ounce, it makes a great wallet for travelers and backpackers. 

The pocket under the flap is perfectly sized for most smartphones (iPhone 6+ hangs out a bit; anything smaller fits great).